When a DAO is created make the default bond 0.01 rather than 0.1
Background via frnvpr:
Each DAO creates around 6-8 CFCs asking for a vote on their original CREATIVES DAO proposal; multiply that for what, 60 DAOs, or something like that. imho this is quite the problem.
furthermore, just imagine the practicals: i lost 0.4N in the process of making DAO-x be approved. So I 'invested' 1N (6 votes + 4 extra with no refund); I would then have to go to those 4 DAOs and invest another 0.4N to get 0.4N back. It we multiply this for every DAO, at an given moment people have a lot of N stuck in 'limbo', plus they would have to keep track of the ones that voted and the ones that didn't, in order to make sure they are asking refund from the right daos.
this will create a dynamic in which people don't want others to vote UNLESS the vote is directly requested, which I don't think it's healthy. Maybe if the bond was, by default, something like 0.01 instead of 0.1 this would not be a problem, but at the moment it is.