(via Blaze)
Relative Voting
There is a threshold for the minimum voting ratio and another threshold for the threshold to pass. E.G., 30% and 50% mean that we need more than 30% of ballots to participate in the voting and more than 50% of the votes to favor the proposal to pass.
Absolute Voting
A threshold for approval and another threshold for rejection is set, both based on total valid ballots. E.G., 55% and 30% means we need more than 55% ballots to approve, but only 30% ballots to reject.
Nonsense Threshold
Based on total valid ballots and forced to apply on each proposal. E.G.: 45% means once 45%+ ballots vote for nonsense, the proposal goes to the nonsense state, and any bonded ONIX would be burned.
In the end what is really needing is voting for token hodlers to pass proposals, having a weight of some form makes sense since we do not want whales to dominate votes. In this DAO there will be no council or board only the community of token hodlers. This is voting mechanism is more similar to Snapshot on ETH.